This top-of-the-range system has a number of added features that offer clients peace of mind. Once the system’s remote arming device is activated, there is no need for the client to call Altech Netstar in the event of a vehicle theft – Altech Netstar’s control centre will be notified.

Early Warning System ™ features

  • With the Altech Netstar Early Warning System™ you do not have to telephone Altech Netstar if your car is being stolen. The system is supplied with a remote arming device. If the unit is armed, and any of the following events occur:
  • Any of the doors are opened; (If fitted with an optional ultrasonic sensor)
  • The ignition is forced;
  • The vehicle is towed away.
  • The unit will start to transmit a distress signal that the control centre will pick up either from the stationary position or from the moving vehicle.
  • The control centre will then attempt to contact you. If they cannot contact you or if you are not sure of the status of the vehicle, then Altech Netstar will respond and recover the vehicle.
  • Altech Netstar Early Warning System™ has a unique concealed panic button. If this is activated (refer to the appropriate section in the User Manual regarding the four different ways in which the unit can be activated) then Altech Netstar will receive a hijack panic signal enabling an emergency response to your vehicle.

Early Warning System ™ benefits

The unit can be activated in four different ways.

  • Activation by Altech Netstar
  • Activation by Panic Button
  • Activation by Theft-Entry
  • Activation by Tow-away