Over 14 years ago, Altech Netstar pioneered the stolen vehicle recovery industry in South Africa. It did so using its proprietary RF (Radio Frequency) technology and developed the first vehicle tracking unit and radio transmitter/receiver network.

A progression of new products followed over the ensuing years – each one smaller, more effective and at a lower cost. The RF system of tracking proved particularly suitable for local conditions. Its components were robust, readily available and affordable, and with mobile tracking units the RF signal can be tracked in underground parking lots, and outside of the networks in rugged terrain.

In 2002, the rapidly growing Fleet Management industry beckoned. This required Altech Netstar to develop a product capable of transmitting large quantities of data with real-time positioning, which is best done through the relatively expensive platform combining GSM with GPS (“Global System for Mobile Communication” and “Global Positioning System”). In an effort to reduce costs, Altech Netstar experimented with the elimination of the GPS functionality, and an entry-level affordable product was launched in 2005 – the unique Cyber-Sleuth, which offered both GSM and RF positioning through a website. Whilst this product retained the recovery advantages offered by RF, it did not include pin-point GPS positioning.

As prices of GSM and GPS components tumbled, these systems became more affordable. However car thieves got more sophisticated, and acquired GSM jamming devices to override GSM-based tracking systems! It became clear that the road forward was to retain RF with GSM, and to include the accuracy of GPS.

And so the concept of Cyber-Sleuth Supreme was born. A combination of RF for recovery, GSM for communication, and GPS for pin-point positioning.

Very importantly, the unit has built in intelligence to sense a jamming signal, upon which it will alert the control centre and revert to the RF transmission platform.

Cyber-Sleuth Supreme features

  • An easy to use internet based vehicle location system – track your own vehicle.
  • User friendly website with a detailed street map.
  • Obtain vehicle position via your cell phone.
  • Small size of unit makes it easier to conceal.
  • System reverts automatically to RF and alerts the control centre if thieves try to jam the GSM system
  • Automatic health reports at pre-determined intervals provide an update on its functionality.
  • Internal long life battery and built-in integrated antennae .
  • Optional extras include a panic button and a collision sensor which reports to the control centre – much favoured by insurance companies.