This system is identical to Sleuth, and has the same operating procedure. However it has an advanced feature.

It is able to register street positioning of a mobile vehicle within a network, enabling Altech Netstar to provide clients with trip reports and other information useful for investigation purposes.

Advanced Phone-In features

  • With the Advanced Phone-In system, you are required to advise Altech Netstar of a theft or hijacking. At that time the control centre will activate the Advanced Phone-In unit in your vehicle and proceed with the tracking and recovery operation.
  • In addition to the stolen vehicle recovery service and the two free remote tests per year, this system enables Altech Netstar to provide clients with trip reports.
  • You can telephone Altech Netstar and request an approximate location of the vehicle, which is best provided if the vehicle is mobile. This service is free of charge. Should the customer be concerned about the vehicle, then Altech Netstar will proceed with a recovery, at no charge. The customer may also request the vehicle to be passively monitored for a set period, after which time a movement report can be provided at a small fee. The location positions are provided by Altech Netstar’s proprietary electronic signposts that are strategically positioned throughout its networks.

Advanced Phone-In benefits

  •  You may request that your vehicle be passively monitored for a set period. Simply call (011) 207-5114 to enquire about our monitoring services